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Da fuck you say?


Da fuck you say?




Nothing ever changes with white people and their support for killer pigs. 

I wonder what the response of these white people would be if they were confronted about the fact that only a short 50 years ago, it was active Nazis that held up signs akin to theirs.

And this is how racism stays alive. U bring ur kids to shit like this and it’s a cycle that never goes away.


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it’s a lot of garbage popping now especially in hip hop…I’m bout to start a new genre this shit getting weak

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oh wow the cool kids




How he bring that bottle of that to school without bein told anything. They prob had a sub. Everything is a lie here

Did he get an A?

real shit

“we some ghetto ass kids that grew up around fuckin white boys and black boys at the same damn time. color, none of that shit mattered to us, it didnt register to us cuz we came from a place where everybody treated each other fucked up.”

A$AP Rocky speaking on A$AP Mob (via king-joaquin)

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